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6 thoughts on “Why should you avail a business loan from formal sources?

  1. virender singh

    Hello Sir/Madam
    I m virender from Haryana.I have a computer shop(sale & service).I am already registerdon Udyog Aadhaar.I am need business loan for increse my business.I am need your help


    • UdyogCredit

      Hello Hardik,
      At the moment, we assist clients from Mumbai and areas around Mumbai like Thane, Vashi, Chembur, etc. However, we provide project report and CMA report to client who are outside Mumbai. Kindly write to us at for more details. Thank you.


  2. Amrat rathod

    Hello sir I want know about business loan I have a so customer they want micro loan like 1 or 2 lac so plz reply me how to will done


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