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May, 2016

How can I enhance my business loan eligibility?

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How to improve eligibility for availing business loan?

One of the primary reasons for inability of Small Businesses to obtain formal finance is non- compliance with regulatory requirements. We have collated some quick links to fulfill some of the key compliance requirements. What’s more, most of them can be obtained online!

1. Check and download your credit score – All lenders check your CREDIT score before approving any kind of loan!. Know more and improve your credit score!

2. Download your Aadhaar card – Aadhaar card is an officially recognized document that can be used both as an address and ID proof.

3. Apply for an MSME registration certificate online – Also known as SSI registration, it is an important business proof document. SSI registration is required to avail many state or central government subsidies available to small scale industries.

4. Obtain a PAN card for your business – File for a PAN card for yourself or your business online!

5. Apply for Income Tax Returns (ITR) – Filing ITR is a regulatory requirement for businesses of all sizes and types.

6. Apply for a food safety license – Obtaining a food safety license is a mandatory regulatory requirement for food related business like restaurants, catering, food manufacturing, packaging etc.

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